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R2-D2 v1 (small - 1 panel) by datteber

R2-D2 v1 (small - 1 panel) by datteber
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Title: R2-D2 v1 (small - 1 panel)

Creator: datteber

Date Created: April 01, 2019

Last Modified: April 01, 2019

Board Size: 29x29 (1x1 standard boards)

Total Beads: 324

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last year
Dude, I love all these droids!
last year
Thanks. I've seen many of the designs that are already out there with the outline borders on them, and wanted to try designing some without them. I haven't made any of these designs yet, so I when I get one in my hand, I may change my mind completely. You know, I probably should do that before I plow forward with another 20 designs ;-)
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